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somnipax Anti-Schnarch Mundstück
  • somnipax Anti-Schnarch Mundstück
  • somnipax Anti-Schnarch Mundstück

somnipax anti-snoring mouthpiece

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SOMNIPAX is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that supports natural nasal breathing. It prevents the body from breathing through the mouth and eliminates one of the most common causes for primary simple snoring (so called habitual snoring).

Shape-wise, SOMNIPAX resembles a very small and thin boxer’s gumshield which is inserted into the mouth between the lips and front teeth before going to bed. The size of the mouthpiece prevents accidental swallowing or inhaling. In the event of respiratory distress the mouthpiece is easily removed.

SOMNIPAX can be quickly and easily customized at home. SOMNIPAX is made of a blend of European Standards approved food grade thermoplastics. The special hybrid makes sure that Somnipax becomes malleable and flexible when immersed in warm water but remains soft while maintaining its shape at body temperature (i.e. when worn in the mouth). SOMNIPAX allows for a free and natural movement of the mouth, tongue and lower jaw.

2 Bewertungen für somnipax anti-snoring mouthpiece

  1. markyboy@web.de
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    I purchased the mouthpiece and it took a couple of nights to get used to it. It came out during the night only once (and that was the first ever night I tried it). In addition, I had to remould the device, but it now fits comfortably. Having said all that, 3 weeks in and it works perfectly. No more embarrassing snoring!

  2. jack.venson@gmail.com
    5 von 5


    This is the only thing I have ever found that really works. It does occasionally fall out, but I think thats just because I need to remould it. I would definitely recommend.

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