How somnipax works

Shape-wise, SOMNIPAX resembles a small and thin boxer’s gumshield. It supports the natural snore-free nose breathing and prevents breathing through the mouth and the tongue from sliding back into the oropharynx. Especially if one suffers from primary simple snoring (so called habitual snoring) and snore through the mouth, SOMNIPAX will be of great help.

SOMNIPAX is not fixed to the teeth but worn like a small brace or a small and thin boxer’s gumshield and inserted into the mouth between the lips and front teeth. SOMNIPAX does not place stress on the oral structures, as it does not change the natural position of the lower jaw. The size of the mouthpiece prevents accidental swallowing or inhaling. In the event of respiratory distress the mouthpiece is easily removed. SOMNIPAX can be quickly and easily customized at home.

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